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Ing. Jiří Kozlovský

Hi, I'm Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader and Solutions Architect with broad experience in the field of computer science. My expertise includes, but is not limited to:

I am available for ad-hoc consulting, presenting various topics to your employees, delivering functional PoCs, and implementing functional products.

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Big Data and Security Expertise

My expertise in both Big Data technologies and security allows me to design and build Big Data processing systems that are both efficient and secure, helping companies improve their data management and analysis capabilities while also protecting their sensitive information. Whether it's implementing data lineage tools to track metadata or hardening security practices to protect against threats, I can help your company succeed in an increasingly data-driven world.

Big Data Expertise

I possess a strong background in developing and managing ETL pipelines. I have expertise in various data processing technologies such as Spark, Flink or dbt, and have worked with scheduling systems such as Apache Airflow and Azkaban to ensure efficient and reliable execution of these pipelines. In addition, I have a strong background in NoSQL databases, including Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Impala, Apache Kudu, Apache Druid or Nebula Graph.

I have experience working with various table and file formats such as Apache Hudi, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet, or ORC to optimize data storage and retrieval. I am skilled in implementing data lineage using tools such as Marquez or Amundsen, and integrating it with Apache Atlas to keep track of metadata. I am also familiar with the Dremio platform, which is a data lakehouse that enables efficient querying and analysis of data stored in a data lake and data warehouse. I have a strong ability to optimize Big Data processes to solve common issues such as data skew or bottlenecks in Spark job stages. I also made possible the transition from the bare metal Debian launchers based on Azkaban to Kubernetes by containerization of the Spark & MapReduce jobs scheduled by Airflow. This way I have provided efficiency and scalability of the data processing pipelines and brought GitOps practices into data processing teams.

Software Security

Do you have any software components that are facing the real world? Aren't you afraid of the potential threats? Well, you won't be once I analyze your setup, and you get an extensive security report. You receive a security score based on my review of your cloud setup, product architecture designs, exploitable vulnerabilities and more. I will also review the development processes and the technologies that are used to run your programs. Comprehensive list of action items is included.

If you wish, I can also pentest your setup. Note that some legal work is required in this case.

Solutions Architecture

As a solutions architect, I am proactive in proposing and implementing the best solutions for new projects. I have a strong ability to understand the needs of a project and find the most appropriate and effective approach to meet those needs. Overall, I have a wealth of experience and expertise not only in the field of Big Data, but also in the ever expanding world of microservices and relational databases. I am dedicated to continue learning and growing in this dynamic and rapidly-evolving field of software engineering world.

Cloud Computing & Container Orchestration

I am experienced in orchestrating systems using technologies such as Kubernetes, Azure and Openshift, ensuring that your systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

I bring in the best practices from the containerized world not limited to only CI/CD or development security and environments stability. I can help you debug networking problems, assure the right access policies are set up throughout your company, help you set up third-party operators or simply implement and deploy a new one according to your needs.

Monitoring and Alerting

I have expertise in setting up stable monitoring environments, including defining and gathering metrics, creating alerting rules and establishing SLAs and SLOs. This helps you to keep track of your systems and ensure that they are operating at optimal performance.

It can also help you track your users activity and satisfaction as a side effect, further gaining more happy clients. You can use the solution to also inform the public about current outages and let your team focus on resolving the problem at the same time.

What else can I do

Why me?

Wide range of portfolio allows me to blend all my skills together. For example, I make sure that data are well protected and systems providing them are secure while at the same time my experience with Big Data allows me to extract valuable insights from large datasets reliably and cost-effectively thanks to my expertise in microservices and monitoring tools.

With me, you get all the perks, at once.

Big Data Scenario

If we were to talk only about Big Data, completely ignoring my other skills, I can still improve your data management and analysis capabilities by creating ETL pipelines to extract, transform, and load data from various sources into a structured format that can be easily queried and analyzed.

This could include using tools such as Spark, Flink, or dbt to process and clean the data, and integrating data lineage tools such as Marquez or Amundsen to track the movement and transformation of the data throughout the pipeline. By implementing a robust and efficient Big Data processing system, you are able to more effectively analyze and gain insights from your data, potentially leading to improved decision-making and better business outcomes.

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